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It’s a record – Sharenergy is currently supporting no less than nine share offers live or impending: 2 wind projects, 5 hydro and 2 solar. We’ll be featuring them on our live projects page as they get up and running over the next week. They include Heartland Community Wind (our biggest ever project – 2 x 250kW turbines and £1.8m in total), Ludlow Hydro (nearly 7 years in the making), and lots of other great projects, some of which we have been heavily involved in steering from the beginning, and others where we have provided only a few services in support of a very capable local development team.  Taking both approaches means we stay on our toes  – and it has lead to our most productive ever period. We’ve not been neglecting the older projects either -we’ve been spotted at the riverside holding spanners for Bill Duley of Neen Sollars Community Hydro (pictured)