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After Chase Community Solar has reached its target, 2015 is really hotting up  – Heartland Community Wind is due to launch this week and we’ve got three new share offers going live later in February:

Ludlow Community Hydro  is a 30kW hydro going right in the middle of the lovely Shropshire town of Ludlow. An archimedes screw turbine will repower the historic Ludford Mill.

Corwen Electricity Co-operative is a 42kW project which by contrast uses high-head technology – harnessing a mountain stream which plunges 150m towards the town of Corwen in North Wales

Pomona Solar aims to carry out a number of installs in Herefordshire – starting with a 250kW ground-mounted array. Unlike big solar farms, these panels are feeding directly into small businesses on the farm – including a coachbuilder and barrel maker.