Sharenergy has been involved with well over 100 community energy groups and projects. Below you can see details of a selection of projects  – next to each project you can see tags showing the type of support we have offered in each case.

ACE Hydro

hydro 100 kW

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Aberdeen Community Energy was Aberdeen’s first community energy scheme, set up in 2015, and they have built, own and operate Donside Hydro, a 100 kW micro hydro scheme. Electricity produced by Donside Hydro is sold to the national grid, and income raised is used to support a range of community and environmental projects in the local area.

Brighton Energy Coop

solar PV 2700 kW

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Brighton Energy Co-op is one of the largest community energy organisations in the country, having built scores of solar PV systems on community buildings, educational facilities and business premises across East Sussex and beyond.With the first sites being built in 2012, BEC have built partnerships with the Shoreham Port Authority and University of Brighton and others and continue their mission to bring as much community-owned renewable energy to the South of England as they can. BEC have supported scores of local community initiatives in and around Brighton and Hove, are a vocal supporter of improved energy policies, and remain one of the driving forces for the community energy sector.

Congleton Hydro (Dane Valley)

hydro 65 kW

Shares are now available in Congleton Hydro – a 65kW hydro scheme at Havannah Weir on the River Dane just north of Congleton, Cheshire. The project has been developed by Dane Valley Community Energy over five years of hard work, and was one of the last projects to lock in a Feed-in tariff in the UK. Much of the energy from the hydro will be sold direct to a nearby factory.

Corwen Electricity Co-op

hydro 55 kW

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Corwen Electricity Co-operative’s 55kW hydro scheme was commissioned in 2017, reducing Corwen’s carbon footprint and raising money for local community projects.

Dingwall Wind Co-operative

wind 250 kW

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Dingwall Wind Co-op own and run a 250kW wind turbine in Ross-shire which was commissioned in 2014. Energy produced by the turbine is sold to the grid, and the co-operative regularly contribute to a community fund that is used to support local community projects.

Egni Co-op


Egni Coop have an incredibly ambitious programme of solar installs having pre-registered for the Feed in Tariff on 250 sites across Wales. By pre-registering, they have secured the FiT for another 12 months but the solar has to be installed by March 2020. They are aiming to install 5MW – the biggest rollout of solar power in Welsh history.

GMCR Greater Manchester Community Renewables

solar PV 300 kW

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GMCR have built solar PV systems on schools and community buildings across the Greater Manchester area, with around 300kWp of solar arrays installed across 8 sites. Electricity generated is sold to the national grid and money raised is used to support a range of carbon reduction, energy efficiency and environmental education projects.

Heartland Community Wind

wind 500 kW

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Heartland Community Wind operate a pair of wind turbines near Aberfeldy, producing 500 kW of power. The Society’s community fund supports scholarships for local young people at nearby Perth College.

Ledbury Community Solar

solar PV 90 kW

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Ledbury Community Solar operate a 90kW solar array on the Shaw healthcare building in Ledbury, which was commissioned in 2014.

Pomona Solar

solar PV 250 kW

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Pomona Solar Co-op have a 250kW ground-mounted solar PV installation which provides low-cost energy to the premises of four local businesses. Members and Directors of Pomona have supported numerous other social and community initiatives across the Marches region.

Reading Hydro

hydro 46 kW

Reading Hydro Community Benefit Society is a community hydro-electric scheme designed to harness the power of the River Thames.

Their aim is to build twin Archimedes screws beside Caversham lock and weir in Reading. Their share offer is now open until mid-February, and construction is expected to begin in Summer 2020.

Reading Hydro revised share offer


Reading Hydro’s initial share offer raised over £880,000, however detailed design, receipt of tenders and the impact of Covid-19 mean that the capital requirement to build the hydro scheme has increased. They have launched a revised share offer and are hoping to raise an additional £100,000. Their revised share offer closes on 26th August. Please click here to make an application.

Southern Staffordshire Community Energy

solar PV 260 kW

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After building two solar PV systems on community buildings in Whittington, Southern Staffordshire Community Energy went on to build eight more on the site of the University Hospital of the North Midlands. SSCE work closely with community organisations to support their work to combat fuel poverty across the region, whilst also providing low-cost electricity to the hospital site, a hospice and two village halls. Several of the board members of SSCE also went on to establish another community scheme which built over 300 solar PV systems in Cannock Chase, providing low-cost energy to householders

The Small Wind Co-op

wind 810 kW

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800kW+ wind, 5 turbines, 3 sites in Scotland, England and Wales

Small Wind Co-op members own wind turbines across Wales, Scotland and England. It is SWC’s mission to build the portfolio of turbines in a sustainable way, fulfilling its objective of increasing the amount of community-owned renewable energy capacity at a time when government policy has focussed on offshore wind. Local community groups near all the turbine sites are supported by the Society.

Ynni Teg

wind 900 kW

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YnNi Teg built a 900 kW wind turbine in Carmarthenshire in 2017 which generates over 1700MWh per year. This Community Benefit Society supports a number of community initiatives around the Meidrim area.