Project Portfolio

Sharenergy has been involved with well over 100 community energy groups and projects. Below you can see details of a selection of projects  – next to each project you can see tags showing the type of support we have offered in each case:

  • admin ongoing operational support
  • bond offer administrative or development support for a bond offer
  • development support in developing the project (business modelling, financials, legal support etc)
  • setup support in setting up the society
  • share offer administrative or development support for a share offer
  • funding projects where we contributed development funds or worked at-risk

You can also see these projects on a clickable map

Aberdeen Community Energy (ACE) Hydro

hydro 100 kW

admin bond offer development setup share offer

Aberdeen Community Energy was Aberdeen’s first community energy scheme, set up in 2015, and they have built, own and operate Donside Hydro, a 100 kW micro hydro scheme. Electricity produced by Donside Hydro is sold to the national grid, and income raised is used to support a range of community and environmental projects in the local area.

Big Solar Co-op

solar PV

development funding

The Big Solar Co-op is a new approach to community solar, supported by Sharenergy. The project is working across the UK to:

  • Make solar viable on a huge range of sites – without subsidy
  • Empower and support volunteers to work together to get it built
  • Fight the climate crisis through large-scale, grassroots community action

Bishop’s Castle Heat and Wind project



Concerns over climate change are growing rapidly, and reducing carbon emissions is particularly important in towns such as Bishop’s Castle in south Shropshire. This town is not on the gas grid, so most of the heating comes from oil and LPG. Carbon emissions can be reduced in two ways; by saving energy and by generating renewable energy.

Part-funded by a grant received from Power to Change obtained through Shropshire and Telford Community Energy (STCE), and after extensive research, Sharenergy are proposing a community-owned heat network for Bishop’s Castle. This would enable substantial carbon savings by helping people to move away from oil and LPG for their heating. The details of the heat network are still to be developed, but it could supply houses, schools, and other community buildings in the town. Ideally, the heat network would be powered by a community owned 1MW wind turbine. This way, every unit of electricity from the turbine could be turned into 3 or 4 units of heat by the heat pumps, and any profit made would go back into funding community projects. Two potential sites for the wind turbine have been identified. These are being put forward by Sharenergy, ably helped by volunteers from Lightfoot, to the local community for consultation, and to the Neighbourhood Planning Committee in October 2021.

Braemar Community Hydro Ltd

hydro 100 kW

accountancy admin

This hydro scheme now generates clean, low carbon electricity from the Corriemulzie Burn on the outskirts of Braemar, with the surplus going to a well-established local community group.

Brent Pure Energy Ltd

solar PV 52 kW


Brent Pure Energy Community Benefit Society have successfully raised funding to install solar panels at 2 schools in the London Borough of Brent.


Brighton Energy Coop

solar PV 2700 kW

admin share offer

Brighton Energy Ltd is one of the largest community energy organisations in the country, having built scores of solar PV systems on community buildings, educational facilities and business premises across East Sussex and beyond. BEC have supported scores of local community initiatives in and around Brighton and Hove, are a vocal supporter of improved energy policies, and remain one of the driving forces for the community energy sector.

Chase Community Solar

solar PV 1000 kW

admin development share offer

CCS raised over £1 million in 2015, through a community share offer and loan, so that, with the support of Cannock Chase Council, they could fit 314 of their council bungalows with solar panels.

Congleton Hydro

hydro 65 kW

share offer

Congleton Hydro is a 65kW hydro scheme at Havannah Weir on the River Dane just north of Congleton, Cheshire. The project has been developed by Dane Valley Community Energy over five years of hard work, and was one of the last projects to lock in a Feed-in tariff in the UK. Much of the energy from the hydro will be sold direct to a nearby factory.

Corwen Electricity Co-op

hydro 55 kW

accountancy admin development funding setup share offer

Corwen Electricity Co-operative’s 55kW hydro scheme was commissioned in 2017, reducing Corwen’s carbon footprint and raising money for local community projects.

Dingwall Wind Co-operative

wind 250 kW

accountancy admin development setup share offer

Dingwall Wind Co-op own and run a 250kW wind turbine in Ross-shire which was commissioned in 2014. Energy produced by the turbine is sold to the grid, and the co-operative regularly contribute to a community fund that is used to support local community projects.

Dorset Community Energy

solar PV 665 kW

admin development share offer

The members of Dorset Community Energy (DCE) have invested in the installation of solar photovoltaic panels on twelve schools and four community buildings in Dorset.


Egni Co-op

solar PV 4000 kW


Egni Coop have an incredibly ambitious programme of solar installs having pre-registered for the Feed in Tariff on 250 sites across Wales. They are aiming to install 5MW – the biggest rollout of solar power in Welsh history.

Fetlar Wind

wind 50 kW

admin development share offer

Fetlar is one of the islands that make up Shetland, one of the windiest inhabited places on the planet. Fetlar Wind run 2 25kW turbines which feed into their own island grid.

Sharenergy helped Fetlar wind to carry out their share offer and have continued to offer administrative and board support.

Grannell Community Energy


accountancy admin development shares

Grannell Community Energy raised £368,406 in 2018 to fund the construction of a wind turbine at Ffrwd Farm, Llanwnnen in Ceredigion, which is now up and running and generating clean power.

Greater Manchester Community Renewables

solar PV 300 kW

accountancy admin share offer

GMCR have built solar PV systems on schools and community buildings across the Greater Manchester area, with around 300kWp of solar arrays installed across 8 sites. Electricity generated is sold to the national grid and money raised is used to support a range of carbon reduction, energy efficiency and environmental education projects.

Green Fox Community Energy Co-operative



Green Fox is Leicester and Leicestershire’s very own community energy co-operative. Established by local people, the co-operative aims to facilitate the increase of community owned renewable and low carbon technology.

Hanley Castle RCEF Feasibility Study


Hanleys Energy Action Team (HEAT) contracted most of the work for this feasibility study to Sharenergy with funding obtained from the Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF) to look into ways of helping the parish decarbonise.

A baseline analysis of current energy usage, an assessment of local building stock, and a study of renewable energy options were carried out. Advice and encouragement was given to homeowners and businesses on how to reduce their carbon footprint, and some interesting sites for rooftop solar were found, which may be progressed in partnership with the Big Solar Co-op.

Heartland Community Wind

wind 500 kW

admin development setup share offer

Heartland Community Wind operate a pair of wind turbines near Aberfeldy, producing 500 kW of power. The Society’s community fund supports scholarships for local young people at nearby Perth College.

Lakeside YMCA RCEF Feasibility Study

solar PV


Sharenergy were asked to provide a feasibility study to YMCA Fylde Coast examining the potential application of renewable and sustainable energies at Lakeside YMCA, with funding provided by the Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF).

Sharenergy’s feasibility study focussed on three aspects: Solar PV, anaerobic digestion and a replacement heating system. Sharenergy advised fitting 300 PV photovoltaic panels, which would generate over 90,000kWh of electricity for the YMCA, most of which could be used on site, reducing the YMCA’s fuel bills and carbon emissions. These PV arrays could also heat hot water, possibly in conjunction with air source heat pumps. The panels could be owned by the YMCA, or they could enter into a partnership with a Community Energy Society. YMCA are currently looking at partnering with the Big Solar Co-op.

Ledbury Community Solar

solar PV 90 kW

admin development setup share offer

Ledbury Community Solar operate a 90kW solar array on the Shaw healthcare building in Ledbury, which was commissioned in 2014.

Leicestershire Low Carbon Co-operative



Leominster Community Solar Co-operative

solar PV 50 kW

admin development funding setup share offer

Leominster Community Solar Coop installed a 49kW solar array on the  Bridge Street Sports Centre in Leominster, generating clean, green electricity for the centre.

Leominster Sunrise Co-operative

solar PV 91 kW

admin development funding setup share offer

Leominster Sunrise Co-operative have installed a 91kW solar photovoltaic array on the new primary school in Leominster, Herefordshire, to generate as much solar electricity as possible for the school to use and reduce their energy bills.

Llangattock Green Valleys Micro Hydro Co-operative

hydro 44 kW

admin development setup share offer

Before the arrival of reliable mains electricity in the Brecon Beacons, many landowners relied on private micro hydro schemes to generate electricity. Now, this multi site hydro scheme provides a key part of the strategy to make Llangattock a carbon negative community.

Ludlow Hydro Co-operative

hydro 30 kW

admin development funding setup share offer

LHC was created in 2015 to fund-raise and install an Archimedean screw turbine at Ludford Mill in Shropshire. The turbine harnesses the River Teme to generate hydro-electricity from Ludlow’s Horseshoe Weir. At the centre or apex of the weir is a fish pass.



solar PV 384 kW


MaidEnergy launched their first renewable electricity generating community Solar Photovoltaic (PV) share offer in 2015.  Since then their investment has funded seven Solar PV installations.

Malvern Community Energy Cooperative

solar PV 30 kW


Malvern Community Energy Cooperative have installed a 30kW solar array on the thriving community venue, the Malvern Cube.

Marches Heat RCEF Feasibility Study


Ludlow 21, a local action group in Shropshire, with funding from the Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF), commissioned Sharenergy to investigate the possibility of community-owned shared loop ground source heat pumps with the remit to look at alternatives if this was not deemed viable.

The study looked at 17 properties: 6 bungalows in Burwarton belonging to Shropshire Rural Housing (SRH) and 11 owner-occupied houses in the Wintles estate, Bishop’s Castle.

When this feasibility study was initiated, shared loop ground source schemes over 45kW benefitted from the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (NDRHI). However, this was discontinued in March 2021.

Installation quotes for Burwarton showed only a 5% discount for shared loops and this, along with the small heat demand figure, ruled out a community energy shared loop scheme. By contrast, a shared loop scheme could have been viable for the Wintles with the support of the NDRHI, which would have required some payment from the homeowners.

It therefore appears that neither site is viable for a shared loop scheme at this time. We await the publication of the delayed Heat and Buildings Strategy.

Sharenergy also investigated the use of individual heat pumps for all the properties, and the use of High Heat Retention Storage heaters for the Burwarton bungalows.
This work has led on to investigations into a larger scale heat network for Bishop’s Castle.

Neen Sollars Community Hydropower Co-operative

hydro 12.5 kW

admin development funding setup share offer

Neen Sollars Community Hydro owns and runs a 12.5kW hydroelectric installation at Tetstill Mill, Neen Sollars on the River Rea. The project is funded by a co-operative share issue and owned by local people. The turbine provides green electricity to the local electrical grid, potentially corresponding to around 10-20% of the domestic power use in Neen Sollars.

Northern Ireland Community Energy

solar PV 180 kW


Northern Ireland Community Energy (NICE) is Northern Ireland’s first solar co-op. NICE installed solar PV arrays between 4 kW & 15 kW on 18 Northern Ireland 3rd sector organisations.

Oldham Community Power

solar PV 220 kW

admin development setup share offer

Oldham Community Power has been created to benefit the people of Oldham borough by installing community-owned renewable energy into community and council owned buildings.

Oswaldtwistle Solar Meadow RCEF Feasibility Study

solar PV


The Prospects Foundation, an environmental charity based in Accrington, commissioned Sharenergy to carry out a study using resources obtained from the Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF).

The study has investigated the feasibility of installing a 2MW solar array on land owned by the Prospects Foundation in Oswaldtwistle.

The study showed the scheme would be a viable with a direct wire arrangement and a suitable industrial user has expressed interest, so the project is now the subject of a Stage 2 RCEF application.


Pomona Solar Coop

solar PV 250 kW

admin development setup share offer

Pomona Solar’s 300 kW array provides PV power direct to small businesses on a farm in Herefordshire, with some left over for the grid on sunny days. It’s an innovative project, showing that small-scale field arrays can be viable. Members and Directors of Pomona have supported numerous other social and community initiatives across the Marches region.

Sharenergy was deeply involved in this project from the very beginning, helping with landowner negotiations, systems design, business planning and the subsequent share offer. We continue to work closely with Pomona Solar and run their everyday admin.

Reading Hydro CBS

hydro 46 kW

admin share offer

Reading Hydro Community Benefit Society is a community hydro-electric scheme designed to harness the power of the River Thames.

Their aim is to build twin Archimedes screws beside Caversham lock and weir in Reading. They are currently in their build-phase, scheduled to be commissioned and generating by Spring 2021.

Renewable Power Pembrokeshire

wind 900 kW

admin share offer

This 900kW wind turbine at Prouts Park Farm in South Pembrokeshire has been generating since March 2020, having been commissioned shortly before their Feed in Tariff deadline.


SeSaME RCEF Feasibility Study


Sharenergy have been asked provide a village energy map and renewable energy feasibility study for Sedgeberrow Sustainable and Manageable Energy (SeSaME) funded by the Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF).

Shropshire and Telford Community Energy

solar PV

development setup

Shropshire and Telford Community Energy (STCE) is a new group looking at community energy opportunities across the area. One of the first projects that STCE might take on is the Twemlows Solar Farm near Whitchurch, Shropshire.  This 10MW scheme was built in 2015 using private finance but is now looking for a new home in the community sector. STCE have recently secured a grant from Power to Change to investigate potential new renewable community energy sites in Shropshire and Telford.

Sharenergy has supported STCE to set up and is assisting with feasibility assessments of new projects.

Southern Staffordshire Community Energy

solar PV 260 kW

admin development share offer

SSCE work closely with community organisations to support their work to combat fuel poverty across the region, whilst also providing low-cost electricity to the hospital site, a hospice and two village halls.

Southill Community Energy

solar PV 4,500 kW

admin bond offer share offer

SCE developed and operates Southill Solar, Oxon, which has been generating green electricity since November 2016. See their website for details of their impressive wildlife measures on site including their innovative thermosolar beehives!


Swansea Community Energy & Enterprise Scheme


SCEES was set up in 2015 to develop community-owned solar projects in Swansea. In 2016, they installed solar PV panels on 9 schools and 1 care home in and around the wards of Townhill and Penderry in Swansea.

The Small Wind Co-op

wind 810 kW

admin development funding setup share offer

Small Wind Co-op members own 5 wind turbines on 3 sites across Wales, Scotland and England. It is SWC’s mission to build the portfolio of turbines in a sustainable way, fulfilling its objective of increasing the amount of community-owned renewable energy capacity at a time when government policy has focussed on offshore wind.

Unisolar Ltd

solar PV


UniSolar is a community energy initiative that aims to bring solar panels to the roofs of UK universities.

Wedmore Community Power Cooperative

solar PV 1000 kW

admin bond offer setup share offer

Wedmore Community Power Co-operative owns a 1 MW groundmounted solar project, set up in 2013 by people living on the Isle of Wedmore in Somerset to enable their community to use solar energy.

Wester Derry Wind Co-operative

wind 250 kW

admin development funding setup

Wester Derry Wind Co-op is a not for profit co-op which owns a 250 kW wind turbine at Kilry near Alyth in Glen Isla on the border of Angus and Perthshire. The turbine is 100% co-operatively owned by its 180  members and generates a community benefit fund for local schools

Whalley Community Hydro

hydro 100 kW


Whalley Community Hydro generates clean, green electricity from the power of the River Calder in Whalley in the Ribble Valley.

Woolhope Dome Community Woodfuel Co-operative

heat 200kWth kW

admin development funding setup share offer

Woolhope Woodheat is a Community Co-operative in South Herefordshire which owns and operates biomass boilers and provides sustainable, locally sourced wood fuel for those boilers, reducing carbon emissions and saving neglected woodland from decay.

Ynni Anafon Energy

hydro 270 kW

admin setup share offer

The largest community hydro project south of Scotland and a real beacon for community renewables in North Wales.

Sharenergy are very proud to have been involved in offering admin support to Ynni Anafon Energy

YnNi Newydd

solar PV


Bretton Hall Solar Farm will be one of the largest community energy schemes in the UK, generating 33GWh of clean energy each year.

YnNi Teg

wind 900 kW

admin bond offer development share offer

YnNi Teg built a 900 kW wind turbine in Carmarthenshire in 2017 which generates over 1700MWh per year. This Community Benefit Society supports a number of community initiatives around the Meidrim area.