Sharenergy is currently working with community groups across the country. Here’s a summary of some of our clients and what we have helped with. You might also be interested in our services








Set Up



Leominster Community Solar Co-operative
50kW solar project

Leominster Sunrise Co-operative
100kW solar project

Neen Sollars Community Hydropower Co-operative
15kW hydro project

Woolhope Dome Community Woodfuel Co-operative
200kWth biomass ESCo

Dingwall Wind Co-operative
250kW wind project

Wester Derry Wind Co-operative
250kW wind project

Crida Wind Co-operative
1.4MW wind project

Bishop’s Castle Community Energy Co-operative
multi technology, biomass

Transition Shrewsbury
400kW hydro project

Ham Hydro Co-operative
500kW hydro project

Southern Staffordshire Community Energy
Multi roof solar project

Brixton Energy
Three inner city PV arrays

East Bridgford Community Energy
500-800kW wind project

Tutbury Eco Power
80kW hydro project

John Cleveland College Community Woodheat Co-op
1MW biomass ESCo

Marple MESS
Multi technology feasibility – including hydro, wind, solar, biomass and heat pump

Egni Cydweithredol Cyfyngedig Co-operative
Multi roof solar PV project

Robert Owen Renewables Co-operative
100kW hydro

Pomona Solar Co-operative250kW solar PV project

Wedmore Community Power Co-operative
1MW solar PV project

en10ergy Solar Co-operative

Ludlow Hydro Co-operative
30kW hydro project

Malvern Community Energy
Multi roof solar PV project

Llangattock Green Valleys Micro Hydro Co-operatives
2 multi site hydro schemes