Community Energy Consultant

(3 year contract)

This is a rare opportunity to join the Sharenergy core Development team. We are one of the best-known teams in the UK community energy movement, having helped over 100 community energy organisations across the UK get started, keep going and develop.

We are looking for somebody to join our team to work on a range of exciting new projects – at the moment these include low-carbon heat, wind, hydro and solar projects at various scales, all of which are being developed by non-for profit organisations with a strong focus on community benefit and co-operative societies.

This is a technical role: we need somebody who has a very solid grasp of renewable energy technologies, who comes with a good set of skills in analysing new projects and who is able to quickly pick up new tools and approaches. You don’t have to have a masters in a related area but you will need to be able to demonstrate a strong background in renewable energy with at least 3 years experience delivering real-world projects. That will include advanced use of at least one significant set of analytical tools – GIS, code-based models, complex spreadsheets or industry-standard tools like PVSyst.

We can’t offer a large salary or guaranteed career progression. What we can promise is involvement at the heart of making new renewable energy projects actually happen. You will be working alongside experts with decades of experience who are very keen to share their knowledge – and with a large range of other movers and shakers in the new energy and low carbon world. The salary range is £25k-£30k and the job is full-time and notionally based in Shrewsbury (though we can be flexible about both hours and location for the right candidate).

We’re looking for somebody who is as excited by community energy as we are. If this sounds like you please apply at There is no current deadline; we will interview suitable candidates as they arise. This opportunity was created in December 2021 and applications remain open.

Volunteering opportunities

If you would like to volunteer to get solar built in your area you might consider joining our Big Solar Coop project.