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Three solar co-ops are coming together to run a public event discussing the future of community energy in Herefordshire and beyond

1900 on Thu, 25 July 2019 at Grange Court, Leominster HR6 8NL

PLEASE COME ALONG! Click on the Eventbrite page to see the details and please register to let us know which parts of the evening you plan to take part in (we want to make sure the rooms are the right size and that there’s enough food and drink).

As we write on a sunny day at the start of July, our PV systems are silently generating zero-carbon electricity for Herefordshire. Public awareness and support for carbon reduction has never been higher, and both our county council and several town councils have declared a climate emergency – so we know there’s an appetite to do much more. Yet with the withdrawal of FITs the community energy sector is needing to look for creative solutions and new models at a most crucial time.

We need to put our heads together on this – which is why Pomona Solar have decided to take a different approach with this year’s AGM. They will be joining forces with two other Herefordshire community energy groups to run a community energy evening at Grange Court, with a range of talks that we hope will inform and inspire. The theme is Community Energy in Herefordshire – thinking again and doing more. We’ll keep the AGM part short and concise, then do drinks and light buffet, followed by the talks. Apart from the AGMs the evening is open to non-members, so if you have friends, family or neighbours who might be interested, please let them know.

You’ll be hearing from Etty George of Sharenergy about their take on challenges and future for community energy, from Tim Yair, the Marches’ brand new Senior Energy Project Officer who’ll explain about the funds now available through the Rural Community Energy Fund and the Marches Renewable Energy Fund, Jenny Bartlett from Transition Leominster about their energy descent planning and a brief outline of the state of the community energy sector from Pomona director Jackie Jones.