Principle Six in Action

Two of our earliest co-ops have been applying Principle Six – ‘Co-operation among co-operatives’ and helping each other out in the Marches.

Principle Six of the international co-operative principles is ‘Co-operation among co-operatives’.

A fantastic recent example has been the support given by one of our first co-ops to another. Leominster Community Solar has performed well over recent years enabling it to create a community fund. At the same time, Neen Sollars Community Hydro, 20 miles away, has been having a much harder ride. Their hydro plant was installed in 2014 but the installing company promptly went bust, leaving them with a raft of issues and a non-operational plant. Now, members of NSCH and supporters have put together and implemented an action plan to get the plant working, with support from Sharenergy. Thanks to very generous support from Leominster Community Solar and the Midcounties Co-op, NSCH has been able to have diagnostic work and repairs carried out by hydro experts Derwent Hydro. Along with a serious amount of volunteer time and some funds from their own members, NSCH are well on the way to be generating again by September.