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A new community wind turbine in Carmarthenshire has been commissioned exactly on schedule and in time for its FIT deadline.
Construction of the 900 kW turbine started in May, and the turbine was completed and officially commissioned on 2nd August.
The project has been managed by Community Energy Wales, and the construction was contracted to EWT and Windcare Ltd. The project is being set up as a Community Benefit Society and £15,000 has being set aside initially into a local community benefit fund.
Jeremy Thorp, of Community Energy Wales, said “When we were offered the opportunity to build this wind turbine back in January this year, the deadlines looked incredibly challenging, but we have had fantastic support, from the installer EWT and their civil contractor Windcare Ltd, from Finance Wales and the Welsh Government Ynni Lleol programme to help with short term construction loans, from Seren Energy who had prepared all the site licences and consents, and from the landowner. It is a great achievement to have obtained our commissioning certificate exactly on schedule. We now need to refinance our construction loans with community shares, look out for a YnNi Teg community share offer in September.