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The Archimedes screw turbine has now arrived on site and been manoeuvred into place next to the River Teme in Ludlow. We’ve been involved in attempts to get community hydro up and running in Ludlow for the last 8 years so we’re delighted to see the project so close to completion – commissioning is scheduled for next week. At the same time some grid upgrades are underway for Heartland Community Wind which will soon be able to run at full capacity. It’s great to see that both Dingwall Wind Coop and Wester Derry Wind Co-op managed to meet the financial projections in their share offer documents almost exactly and were able to agree their first payments to members and community fund at their recent AGMs.

We have a full roster of new projects which are nearly ready to go and are planning share offers in May. Whether you are keen on solar, hydro or wind, small or large projects, making cheap electricity for community buildings or pumping juice back into the grid, we are working with a community ptoject that woudl love to have you as a member. In the meantime if you’d be prepared to spend 30 seconds telling us what sort of projects you might consider joining, please do fill in our online survey .