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There has been a lot of activity over the last month to make progress on the hydro scheme. We have been having detailed discussions with both civil contractors and hydro turbine installers to come to decisions about the actual construction process.

Regarding the supply and installation of the turbine, during the development phase we worked with Mann Power to prepare the planning application and environment agency licence, however, it was always understood that we would get competitive quotes when we go to the stage of the actual construction. Therefore, over the last month we have approached other installers to get alternative quotes. These are now in and the result is that we have decided that the quote from Mann Power stlll offers the best value for money and have informed them that, subject to the signing of a contract on the civil engineering and raising of the last £40,000 of share capital, we would use Mann Power for the turbine supply and installation. We have had a very good relationship with Mann Power during the development phase and look forward to working with them on the construction phase.

To be able to go ahead we also need to have a contract for the civil engineering. With help from Mann Power, we have been having detailed discussions with two civil contractors looking at the fine detail of how the installation would be carried out. We are confident that within a few days we will have a civil contractor lined up that can do the installation this summer.