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OCP successfully installed 220 kW of panels on five primary schools and one community centre last Autumn and these are are all now generating green electricity.

By buying shares, you will become a member of OCP and will be helping schools and community buildings in Oldham to reduce their carbon footprint. In addition, you will get interest, and your capital back, over the course of the next 20 years. If the panels continue to perform as expected, members should see a long term return of about 4% on their shares. If the panels do better than expected, any profits in excess of a 4% return to members will be put into a community fund. The schools and community buildings benefit by being able to buy cheap electricity from OCP.

OCP is keen to expand and is already looking at others sites in Oldham where panels could be installed – but future installations would only be added as long as this does not reduce the amount of interest that members would expect to receive. If more sites are found, they would be funded by selling more community shares.

Please see their share offer document or visit our webpage at