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The Grannell Community Energy share offer is open and the society is ready to build a 500kW Enercon wind turbine. The project needs to raise £700,000 in share for construction to begin, with the balance being covered by loans from the Development Bank of Wales.

The site is a west facing hilltop on a farm close to Lampeter. A refurbished 500kW Enercon turbine has been identified for the site to keep costs down. This turbine has been serviced from new under a full Enercon service contract and is being professionally refurbished. It will sit on a 50m tower and has a 48m blade span.

The project offers an 5% return to shareholders (averaged across 20 years) with a £5,000 fund to be spent in the local community. This will be the largest community turbine in Ceredigion, and will be one of the last to benefit from the Feed in Tariff.

Anyone can join from anywhere in the UK (or abroad), there is a £100 minimum investment for local members (Ceredigion, SA40 and SY23) and £250 elsewhere.

Apply online from the website