Bishop’s Castle Heat and Wind project



Concerns over climate change are growing rapidly, and reducing carbon emissions is particularly important in towns such as Bishop’s Castle in south Shropshire. This town is not on the gas grid, so most of the heating comes from oil and LPG. Carbon emissions can be reduced in two ways; by saving energy and by generating renewable energy.

Part-funded by a grant received from Power to Change obtained through Shropshire and Telford Community Energy (STCE), and after extensive research, Sharenergy are proposing a community-owned heat network for Bishop’s Castle. This would enable substantial carbon savings by helping people to move away from oil and LPG for their heating. The details of the heat network are still to be developed, but it could supply houses, schools, and other community buildings in the town. Ideally, the heat network would be powered by a community owned 1MW wind turbine. This way, every unit of electricity from the turbine could be turned into 3 or 4 units of heat by the heat pumps, and any profit made would go back into funding community projects. Two potential sites for the wind turbine have been identified. These are being put forward by Sharenergy, ably helped by volunteers from Lightfoot, to the local community for consultation, and to the Neighbourhood Planning Committee in October 2021.

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