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You may have heard the sad news about the death of Mrs Angela Bettinson on March 9th. She and her husband, John, owners of Tetstill Mill, have been the most wonderful supporters of our project to establish community hydropower on their land at the Mill on the River Rea.

Out of respect for the Bettinson family at this difficult time we decided to place the share offer on hold when we heard the news. Following Mrs Bettinson’s funeral and burial in Neen Sollars (All Saints’ Church and grounds) late last week we are re-initiating the project share offer. We have decided to extend the closing date from April 18th to April 30th. However, it is important that site work commences as soon as possible in order for us to meet our target of an early autumn start-up. In order for this to happen we would like all share applications* in early – please, if possible, don’t wait until the official closing date. We are almost one third of the way with about £50K raised to date. Let’s make the remaining £100K our target for the Easter weekend!

*Share applications can be found within the Share Offer Document (available for download here), or a hard copy may be obtained by writing to the following address: Sharenergy, 22 Corve Street, Ludlow SY8 1DA Shropshire, or by calling Sharenergy on: 01584 875881


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