Successful tests

Turbine connected to grid and exporting at 5.2 kW in test mode

The volunteer team working on the turbine have had a notable breakthrough – power has been generated at the site.

Members of the team have been working hard to repair and test the installation over recent months, most recently replacing some ‘stop logs’  – a kind of downstream dam which keeps the outflow tube of the turbine submerged. Nobody had realised quite how essential this item was – when the previous logs had been washed away in a flood, it was thought that this would only reduce efficiency of the turbine. It turns out that the plant simply does not function without this dam. Now the replacement is in situ, the team has managed to generate power for the first time in several months.

Trials of continuous running await higher river levels – England has seen six successive months of below-average rainfall – but with significant rain forecast this week we are hopeful that we will soon be in a position to make a start.

There remain significant mid-term challenges on site – lubrication system, monitoring system and debris screen all need work. But this is a genuine breakthrough for the team and reflects a considerable amount of work done by members and supporters on site.



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