NSCH Co-op owns a 12.5 kW hydroelectric installation at Tetstill Mill, Neen Sollars on the River Rea.

The turbine produces green electricity to the local electrical grid, providing around 20% of the domestic power use in the village of Neen Sollars and locally meeting the national target of 20% renewables. This project is a beacon for the region as the first renewable energy installation in the West Midlands to be community owned in this way. The key benefits are the practical generation of green electricity, the opportunity for local involvement in owning and running a renewable generation system, the opportunity for awareness raising and education in the local area, and the opportunity for a local social enterprise company to gain a modest annual income. This project has been entirely conceived and executed by local people and is working alongside wider attempts to improve the ecological status and sustainability of the Rea catchment.

This project was originally developed as a collaboration between three not-for-profit organizations: Cleobury Country Limited (CCL) working with the local environment group, Cleobury Country Environment Forum (CCEF) and Sharenergy, a Shrewsbury-based co-operative which helps community groups to establish community owned renewable energy co-ops (including the nearby Leominster Community Solar)

The turbine has unfortunately had a difficult start in life. The manufacturers, Ampair, went into receivership not long after the turbine was installed and it took several years to get the turbine up and running reliably.

To find out more about the project please have a look at the info on our Downloads page