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We’re coming to the end of the process to clear up the site and get it running again after the serious autumn floods. We’ve been working with our long-term hydro experts at Derwent Hydro. They’ve tried hard to refurbish first our old generator (damaged in floods some years back) and then the most recent generator, but without success – both were seriously damaged. It may be that we can scavenge some parts to make a backup generator in the future, but for now we’ve had to buy in a new machine.

For an idea of what we’ve been doing to clean up the site see this short video expertly shot and edited by Peter Batt – many thanks Peter, and to the rest of the team who have been down on site getting things tidied up and/or supporting the works in other ways:

John Sandison, Chris Deaves, Jerry Turnbull, Jon Halle, Vicki Orttewell, Richard Orttewell, Ainsleigh Rice, Clare Tibbits, Daniel Wilson.


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Jon is a co-founder of the Big Solar Co-op and of Sharenergy Co-operative
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