Sunrise switch-on days away…

With the handover of the new Leominster primary school from the contractors to the Council now imminent, we are hopefully days away from being able to turn on the Sunrise Cooperative array. This news comes as we have our own good news on saving 100 tonnes of carbon dioxide (see post below). Leominster is blazing a trail for solar co-ops in the UK, setting a number of ‘firsts’, of which we are very proud.  

The sooner we can get the Sunrise share offer complete, the sooner we can set to work on all the other ideas for solar co-ops in the town that are swirling around.  Please do pass the word on that we only have £34,500 worth of shares remaining, as word of mouth is always the best way to find new members.

For more information on the Leominster Sunrise Co-Op project, please click here.


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