As you will have read in your recent papers, Ann Ashley will be standing down from her role as director after many years of dedicated service – it seems like the 8 years has passed very quickly! THANK YOU Ann for your dedication and hard work for the coop.

To carry on running the co-op in line with the rules, we need to maintain 3 directors (and a secretary) on the board at all times. Any director also has to be a part of the membership, so we cannot recruit for this position outside of the co-op, without that person first becoming a member. Therefore we are directly appealing to the existing members before the next AGM for a volunteer.

The role is not particularly onerous – we have quarterly telephone calls, but mostly the work required happens in the month proceeding and immediately after the AGM. Otherwise the day to day administration is handled by Sharenergy. None of the current directors had been on a co-op board before, when they took their roles on, so there is no need for anyone to feel they do not have the required experience! We simply share the responsibility of guiding the direction of the co-op and ensure due diligence on decision making and will support you so you can contribute usefully.

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