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The Small Wind Co-op has 3 turbines up and running in Scotland and Wales, and is running a bond offer to buy a turbine in England – at Hownsgill in County Durham.

Buying an operational turbine won’t save any additional carbon directly of course, but it’s an important part of SWCs plans to increase its fleet and improve its financial clout while it develops several new wind turbine sites which will have to operate entirely without subsidy. The bonds will be repaid in instalments over a 10-yr period and attract a fixed interest of 4.5% on capital retained from year 2. Interest will be 2% in year 1.

In order to encourage a rapid take-up SWC gave free bonds to the first 100 applicants – they are now extending the offer. For all the details see the How to Apply page on the SWC website.

This bond offer is another opportunity to join over 500 members and bondholders across the UK. You’ll also be contributing to community funds local to the turbines at all sites.