While we have previously received a large amount of support for a larger project, there has inevitably been opposition too.

We respect people’s right to protest and the fact that they have concerns about the project and remain committed to answering any questions that people have as straightforwardly as we can.

Opposition to the turbine which is based on incorrect or misleading information does nobody any favours. This website aims to provide the information you need to make your own mind up.

Please remember:

Myth – turbines are noisy / sound like aeroplane engines

Reality – while turbines do create some noise, they are designed to operate quietly and have to stay within noise limits imposed by the government.  Badly maintained turbines, like badly maintained car engines, will make more noise which is why the project has a funding plan to look after the turbine for the 20 year lifespan of the project.   The 35dB limit set for turbine noise at properties is often stated as equivalent to a quiet library or a fridge humming.

Myth – this turbine would be visible and dominate the views from Morville and Underton.

Reality – The turbines are a mile away from Morville – similar to the distance to Chetton in the view above. Our ZTV analysis shows that even if we imagined that there are no trees or buildings obscuring the view, the turbines are not visible from much of Morville or Underton.

It is worth noting that the single turbine proposed will be just over a mile from Upton Cresset Hall curtilage.

Myth – We are planning a ‘wind farm’.

Reality –  This will be a single turbine project of a farm or medium scale size; not too dissimilar to other consented turbines in Shropshire.

Myth – The project is for a commercial return.

Reality – This is a genuine community project, entirely run by not-for-profit entities with no commercial partner. Our details can be found on the Financial Services Authority register and similar projects can be found on the Sharenergy website. As a group of volunteers, Sustainable Bridgnorth has no financial stake in the Crida proposal.

Myth – For single medium scale turbines, the lorries carrying the turbine parts will be longer than an aircraft carrier.

Reality – the trucks will be 30m or less in length and most deliveries will be on a standard articulated lorry.

Finally, myth “The turbines will damage ‘rare medieval bats’.”  This one is our favourite as we have absolutely no idea what is meant. To find out more about what we are doing to avoid impacts on real-life bats see the Bats document in the planning documents.